Sunday, March 29, 2015

Becoming a Home! - Ryan Homes Build

I'm so excited to show you guys the PAINTED walls and the newest interior installations! :) It's really starting to look like a home. Obviously it's dirty because it's in the middle of construction, but I can't tell you how much I secretly just want to start cleaning it. I've missed owning my own home for so long! I'm sure I won't be eagerly wanting to clean it for long though. ;) 

The laundry room with optional cabinets. The interesting part to this space is that since our washer and dryer are both white and the cabinets are white, we are going to have to add a pop of color to the space for sure. We are thinking we'd like to do a coral color. Can't believe my husband is agreeing to that... Also, they have moved our cabinets up about two inches to accommodate the stands. :)

Panorama of our son's room. 

Panorama of the new baby's room.

The soon-to-be sidewalk in front of our home. Not much space at ALL in front of our home! No surprise though, just finally put into perspective. :) 

Pretty poured cement porch. I'm assuming they have to install railings - that's pretty high up there! They initially said we wouldn't need them, so we will see. 

Didn't realize I took so many "front" views! 

A better picture of the trim work in the dining room. Optional and level 2. Left side is not completely finished. I'm curious and we have to clarify this part - if crown moulding goes in the foyer and the 2nd floor or not. I believe I remember being told that it does, but I also don't remember hearing that shadow boxes were part of level 2. Therefore, I don't know what to expect, but I love what I see. Also, per our PM the carpenter and electrician coordinated to fit the addition of rope lights in the tray so that they would fit appropriately. Mostly, these guys on on point. Especially with some of the various random things we ask of them. We are grateful! :) 

A view of the moulding seen from the side. The windows pictured are optional in the dining room. 

The metal balusters! Can't wait to see these stained gray. Misty Gray hardwood flooring to be seen throughout the floors and on the stairs. 

The dinette and bonus room stairs view. 

View from the dinette. Hey pretty white cabinets with trim! :) 

View of the kitchen/stairs/family room from the bonus room stairs.

View from the dining room, visualizing the hall, living room (optional windows) and main stairs. 

View from the family room looking through the hall to the front of the home. 

Panorama from the family room.

Attic view. If the door were not open, behind it you would see the closet and bathroom. 

Attic view from the other way. 

Pretty metal balusters coming from the 2nd floor. 

Master bedroom with tray ceiling and dropped down moulding to accommodate outlet. Window on left side is optional

Master bathroom Sonoma Square and Santa Cecilia Light granite. That big mirror is going to be replaced with 2 individual gray mirrors. The tile in the room will eventually be gray.

Looking directly from the master bedroom into the master bathroom without the drop down ceiling. Still love that we deleted that feature. Such a tiny bathroom though, but I think it will be just useful enough. :) We never felt the model bathroom was too tiny, so we will see! I only wish there was more light in this bathroom. Such an incredible difference from the Oberlin bathroom we had. That one felt like it was another room by itself! Such a glorious bathroom.. but again, it was so much space. As we've always said with these neo-traditional floor plans, they make use of every inch of space. 

View of the stairs from the 2nd floor. Can't wait to see the chandelier hanging here! 

2nd floor hall bath with Sonoma Square cabinets and Uba Tuba granite. Our son is crazy about his bathroom. It will have gray flooring and white around the shower. 

That's all for now guys! :) Can't wait to see what the next week brings. It looks like we have some trim still left in the garage along with the columns for the front two rooms. Nothing else is out there at this time, but I'm guessing that flooring is next? I'm not sure, but so ready to see!

PS. today they are currently installing our siding! 
Hello more gray!!!!!


  1. The plus side of a smaller yard... less yardwork! I love this little neighborhood they are creating. The colors of the townhouses and the character of the homes. I can't wait to see it all put together. As we are one of the first into our community, just as you are, I'm sure you can understand the worry that the community landscaping get done in time for the move-in date. I really don't want to drive home through a mud pit to get to my nicely landscaped house.

    1. Oh yes! Much less yard work! Just enough to plant a garden and flowers. :) I, too, really love the pop of colors throughout. I'm really curious to see what our row of homes turns into as far as colors because I love the townhouses colors. And I totally know what you mean about the community landscaping getting done! We have a huge roundabout at the entrance of our neighborhood and then directly in front of us we have the common lot. It would be kind of nice if the roundabout (in the center) was completed, because it's currently gravel and that the common lot (which is currently mud) had at least grass.. but I know they want to to put a gazebo and sidewalks with benches throughout. I'm anticipating it is just going to be as you said - a nicely landscaped home in a non-landscaped community for now. Oh well! :)

  2. Looks sooooo good, you made beautiful selections. Again, I like all the white cabinetry through out the house. The trim in the dining room and the metal balusters look very elegant. Good call on replacing the bathroom mirrors, we plan on doing the same. I'm looking for some diy options for repurposing those mirrors.

    1. Thanks Owen! I'm hoping the bathroom mirrors are easy to replace, but only concern that we realized is that it is one long light above the mirrors instead of two, so hopefully one long light over two separate mirrors looks alright. I'm hoping so! :) Curious to see what you come up with for repurposing the mirrors! I need ideas!

  3. Your house looks amazing! I love all of your choices, and I love the detail work in your house with the arched doorways and trim. Can't wait to see the siding!

    1. Thanks, Mary! The siding is coming soon! It's almost done as of yesterday. :)

  4. Your house is gorgeous! I love all of your selections.What a lovely, bright home!

    1. Thanks, Holly! All I want is good light! I need light! Haha ;)

  5. I can not wait to see those misty grey floors. Pictures ASAP please!! :)))

  6. Very excited to see the finished product ... such an awesome layout.


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