Wednesday, April 01, 2015

The Great Paint Debate

We went paint hunting! I felt like if I could at least get the paint colors down, I could narrow down the backsplash choices and then narrow down my area rug choices. I think we had success! :) 

All of the colors we have gone with will be through Home Depot with Behr. We have used Behr numerous times for our condo years ago & our previous home. I've always been happy with the colors they offer and quality of paint, so continuing forward we will! Plus I don't feel like hunting all around finding other colors. :) 

I'm a color kind of girl, just like I'm a "light" kind of girl. Those are my two favorite things. 

These colors are lighter versions that anything I have done before. I love that styles of paint colors change over the years, as do my own. I'm so excited to see these on the walls! 

Laundry Room: wild watermelon - PPU1-4. Looking at this on my screen does not do it justice as it does from the card I picked. We are looking for a coral color. We both really liked it when we saw it. I may have another look next time we stop by, but overall I love it and look forward to seeing the white pop against it because of the white cabinets and white washer + dryer.

Our Son's Room: tart apple - 420B-4. Excuse me while I grab some sunglasses before I look at this. We mostly agreed upon this color. I'm still not sure how to paint this room, but I know that it will not all be green. I just can't do it. I have some ideas in my head to break up the color with white. He is really excited for a green room & a green room he will get! Just in a way that mom likes also.. :) He will have a black platform bed frame + a black fan. That's about all I've got nailed down for his room. Sorry, kid.

First floor + 2nd floor hall/foyer: burnished clay - PPU18-9. It's probably obvious by now that we like the color grey. Our house is grey, the floor is grey, our bedroom will be grey, our bathroom will be grey..... must I go on? :) Nonetheless, I LOVE the greige trend that is in right now. I cannot wait to add pops of color to this area and not be stuck with certain colors because of my walls. I lived that way in my old home! So this is exciting. This color rocks. I cannot wait to see it on the walls! I hope I love it just as much as I'm thinking I do now. :)  

Backsplash: summer harvest - 380A-3. You guys either trust my judgement or you are going to laugh. Either way, this color rocks! I cannot wait to get this backsplash rolling. Instead of subway tile, we have decided that we are going to do a beadboard backsplash and paint it yellow. I'm super excited for yellow during the Spring/Summer but apprehensive about it during the Fall/Winter. With this beadboard backsplash, it will allow me the flexibility to paint whatever color I may want for the space. I think we're just going to have to give-it-a-go and see what happens! :)

Powder Room: meadow light - 460E-1. I have not fully committed to this color yet, but we need something light for this bathroom. Part of me is still drawn to valley mist - 460E-2 but I will continue to think about this one. :) I almost want a more "blue" hue to this color than green. I will probably be found browsing the paint chips again soon!

Master Bath: mauve mist - 100E-2 versus coquette - 100E-1. They are one shade apart. I wanted a grey purple, but I think these may be more on the purple side. Although, both seem gorgeous on the paint chip.

Baby's Room: will be a grey of some sort. We used gentle rain - 790E-2 numerous times from when we lived in our condo to our living/dining/morning room in our last house.

Master Bedroom: will also be a grey of some sort.

2nd Floor Bathroom: to be determined. I'm resorting to a very light grey on this one. Alas, we love grey.

Dining Room: Will probably use burnished clay in this room and do the shadow boxes + tray ceiling in a bright (almost) Tiffany blue like this Ernest Hemingway model.

Living Room: You got me.. how about more burnished clay? I'm looking for cohesiveness between the colors/design anyway.

Bonus Room: ....

Bonus Room Bathroom: ....

To be determined guys! This page will have to be update with my actual choices and other ideas. :) Some of the rooms just clicked while others are like rocket science. We will see! 

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  1. I can't wait to see the results. I love bright splashes of color but I always second guess myself. I may just get some design ideas from you. They wanted $1200 to just do one color in the house. Nope. Painting will be the first thing we do.


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