Friday, January 23, 2015

Awaiting the Road.. - Ryan Homes Build

So it's been awhile and we have seen a huge progression in the building of the first set of townhomes in our development. They are looking great! The road continues to be what seems to be holding us back from the start of the single family homes. Very little progress appears to have been done to the road, except for today we saw the entrance to the development being paved. From what we continue to understand, they have to pave our road before they begin the building phase. Come on road!!!!

To the left, down past the bulldozer will be our homesite. Our future road! 
We drove by last Saturday by the townhomes which intersect with our road. I should have taken a few pictures of the them but did not. They have already placed the footers to pour the foundation for the model home. Our SR was under the impression our permit had been approved and that after the completion of paving, we should begin our home which he anticipated being in the next two weeks. Well, week one is down! Week two.. here we go! :) We haven't heard from our PM which will ultimately be the one who will give us that good news of breaking ground. Until then, fingers crossed. So ready for that day! :)

What will be the common area across from our home - about 1.2 acres (give or take).
Another view of the common area and towards the entrance where the bulldozer is. 


  1. I hope the weather coming this weekend and next week won't delay the road anymore. We haven't heard from our PM either, but we don't except to until the start day they gave us of February 9. So far we haven't heard of any delay on that start date, that part is good news. I was surprised to see the townhouses with roofs already, very exciting

  2. Michelle- I'm optimistic for you guys. I know you have been waiting forever. Fingers crossed!

    1. Oh Bridget.. thank you! Haha you have stuck with me through this journey but we are going to see the light soon! ;)


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