Thursday, March 12, 2015

Electricity & Plumbing, oh my! - Ryan Homes Build

Per our last email with our PM, last Friday, the HVAC was completely installed last week. Plumbing was to be done this Monday, with electricians running in right behind them, followed up with county inspections. SERIOUSLY?! :)

According to our PM, the power company was to be out to the community site and start running the power to the community this week as well. 

AND, the bigger and best news... setting up for our pre-drywall meeting that will take place TOMORROW! :) 

We've also been contact by NVR for settlement. Our predicted settlement date is April 21st. Guys, seriously, is this for real? I can't believe it. I'm a little apprehensive about that date because, let's be honest, it's 5 weeks and 5 days away. Not that I don't think the house won't be ready.. it's the community that I don't think will be ready. There are a lot of little things the developer has to put into place before anyone can move. Time will tell though! :) 

Also, we've signed the agreement for what our new home address will be. I really want to go ahead and start changing my address because I'm so excited, but obviously that has to wait till around 2 weeks before closing. Patience, Michelle.. patience! :) 

My husband met with the wiring company (Trinity) this past Friday to review our cable and security placement and it was installed by Saturday. This feels like lightning speed! No complaints though. :) 

We stopped by last night to show my parents the progress and to determine where we wanted the 110v outlet we selected for the garage to place a refrigerator in the future. If it wasn't so dark, I would have loaded up on pictures because HUGE CHANGES occurred! Seriously, I think all the crews really are almost done. We had the two tubs in their respective bathrooms, an 80 gallon water tank, pipes and electricity run throughout, the recessed lights framing, location of switches & outlets, laundry room hook-ups, and a fireplace! I may be missing some things, but I was extremely excited and surprised to see what I saw. The coolest thing was seeing how many recessed lights are present in the home and come as standard. I was very impressed and excited. We got recessed lights included in our "Dream Kitchen" incentive, so they are already present in the kitchen. We also paid to have two over the fireplace (per my choosing, not my husbands.. he thought it was silly. OH WELL!). But there are standard recessed lights present in the hallway between the living room/dining room towards the family room by the stairs and one present at the landing of the stairs going into the basement and then at the very bottom of the basement before going into the unfinished portion. Also, on the 2nd floor in the hallway there are 3 or so spread throughout as well. Plus, each shower/tub has their own individual recessed light - so glad I did not have to pay for that, although I would have because I LOVE that feature. If you've never had it, you wouldn't realize how awesome it is. But if you have it, you will always want it! :) I look forward to how visually appealing all of these recessed lights will appear. Although, the ones in the kitchen are very interestingly placed.. I'm not sure how we are going to fit the pendant lights over the island because there is a recessed light directly over the sink but we will see.

I know other people had mentioned that the location of their outlets, switches, and fan/light placements did not seem to make sense so I kept an eye out for those things and I was browsing, but honestly, everything seems well placed. I am relatively pleased with everything I have seen thus far. We noticed two broken windows from last Sunday and when we stopped by yesterday they were already marked to be replaced. I plan on stopping by again Saturday so that we can check out everything in more detail and I really want to place quotes/verses on the frame of the home before they drywall. We've got lots of writing to do. ;) 

So, TOMORROW is our PRE-DRYWALL MEETING! Pretty darn awesome! However, I won't be able to attend, just like I couldn't attend the wiring meeting. But, it is what it is. Our options were to meet either this Friday or Monday, but I work both days and my husband is off tomorrow anyway. Either way, I don't want to slow down any sort of process or progress, so tomorrow it is. :) Although, there is a slight chance (God willing..) that I may be put on-call tomorrow. Calling it a miracle would be nothing short.. but my fingers are secretly crossed! :) 

Sorry for the book, guys. It was supposed to short and to the point. Oh well! 


  1. They are currently running the electric at our development as well and it's a mess!! Mud everywhere! We were told it would take 2-3 weeks to get it done. Today they delivered those big ugly green boxes and we are just waiting to see where they place them.

    I can't believe you are already at pre-drywall. That's just crazy. It feels like it all just started. I hope all goes well tomorrow.

    1. So apparently we found out that they cannot run electricity until there are paved roads in? I'm not sure why that is a factor unless they lay cable under the road, which come to think of it, maybe so? And I didn't even think about the horrible green boxes! Oh my goodness.. that will be a sight to see! Haha fingers crossed we don't get stuck with one! And seriously.. pre-drywall already blows my mind.

  2. Wow, you are moving fast. We may break ground by the time you close, lol. Question, we noticed in the model we went in last weekend, the tv, internet, phone cables weren't drilled through the studs, making it easy to damage later, not sure if they were finished when we saw it. Did you happen to notice if they drilled your internet, tv, phone wires through the studs? I know code doesn't require it, but I hope they still do it. Are you using a pre-drywall inspector? If so could you let us know how you liked them and what company they were if you like them, we are trying to decide to hire someone or not and if so who.

    1. I know I keep saying this, but they HAVE TO GET TO YOUR ROW SOON! I wonder what makes them choose the order they go in. Because the one couple we met signed their contract in December. And here you and I were in April and July and you would think it would kind of go in the order that you signed. But then I get doing groups of homes at a time, too. But really, I'm pulling for you guys!!

      So to answer your question, when I was in on Sunday, and even on Wednesday, from what I saw had been installed through the studs, nothing around them. Good sign. And then when Nick went out yesterday for the pre-drywall meeting he said every piece of wiring was through the studs and it has a metal cover of some sort to protect the wiring even if you attempt to place something around/near that stud. So it sounds like they are doing a relatively good job, but I definitely don't know what to say about the model being run like that unless they have plans for changing it later, but that would be odd.

      And we aren't using a pre-drywall inspector. I have been on the fence about it, but from what I have seen so far and from what family has said from their construction experience everything looks above-par then what they were even expecting. My dad even said especially in comparison to the RH they built in 2003, the updates they have done with framing, wrapping, sealing, etc is such a huge difference than how their home was built. He said the things they are doing standard now are things they should have been doing years before. So that was good to hear. Nick also said during the pre-drywall meeting the inspector for the county was out yesterday and although everything was to code and he was happy with what they were doing, per his own requirements (not the county) he is having RH add something else to the basement. I haven't gotten the full details from Nick yet but it sounds like even if it is not something standard to do per code, if the county inspector says to add it in, they have to which sounds good to me! Also, we've learned already how strict this county seems to be, so I'm trusting these inspectors are going to bring it to RH hard! :) Fingers crossed I don't regret this. But for some reason, I'm trusting them. Sorry I can't help you with an inspector, though.

    2. Holy cow, Page. Sorry for the book. Haha!

    3. Lol, it's okay, the more information the better. We plan to have family for our pre dry meeting too. My husband was an electrician and my granddad is a master plumber, so think they will catch everything I hope. Don't really want to hire someone, but that makes me worried, what if they do miss something, but I don't want to waste money on something we don't need. I think the wires were fully finished when we saw it, there is no way they would leave it like that. It sucks you can't be there for the pre drywall meeting, I hope to be able to make it to ours. I wish we could do it on the weekend.

    4. I think all would be well with having your family there for the walk-through. It makes the most sense. Save money, but then having someone be on the lookout so you can enjoy what you see, too. :) I'm not sure why there was a difference between the wiring in our home versus the model home, but I can safely say all wiring is run through the studs after seeing it in ours so I would assume that's how it all will be. :)


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