Saturday, March 14, 2015

Pre-Drywall Meeting COMPLETE! - Ryan Homes Build

So, I did not get on-call yesterday and missed out on the pre-drywall meeting. Oh well! The look on my husbands face after I got off work was priceless when he got to tell me everything that happened. He was extremely pleased with what they have accomplished in the two days since we had stopped by on Wednesday.

We had a few questions in relation to what we had seen before, but it all is being fixed and/or being addressed in the way that we were hoping. Seriously, I don't think we could be more pleased with what we've seen.

1) In between the master bath closet/sink area and into the toilet/shower area there is a frame that drops down extremely low and really seems to close off the space. We saw this in another EH model and had kept our eye on this. But our PM says they will raise the area because it is not a load bearing wall. Easy fix! :) If you look through the first part of the picture, you will see right above the window a piece of horizontal wood with two support studs hanging down. That is what we are requesting be raised. It's already a smaller bathroom, so if we could open it up in any sense, we'd be grateful. Plus.. my husband about smacked his head on it with just the framing. I cannot imagine with drywall installed. ;)

This is the framed version versus the completed version. Our bathroom will look just like this, just reversed. I'm also hoping that opening lets in a little more light from that itty-bitty window. ;) But I look forward to seeing it opened up.

2) We were extremely curious to see how the recessed light placed over the sink falls in relation to the two pendant lights. Honestly, if pendant lights didn't look so pretty, I wouldn't have added pendants over the bar for this type of house layout. They are so very close together, but we are leaving them this way. We had the option of moving the recessed light in line with the others, but we chose not to. I like the idea of the recessed light over the sink being on its own switch without being blinding by all the others at the same time. A nice little ambiance while dealing with dirty dishes. ;) Clearly, you guys have learned I'm a light person, whether natural (preferred) or not. So, there will be a switch for the pendants, the one recessed light over the sink, and then the other 3 (or so) recessed lights in the kitchen. Works for me!

He mentioned they have completely cleaned up the home and he was extremely surprised by how great it looked. I mean I already knew we had some great looking wood.. but you know. ;) I was curious about some gaps and holes in between the piping, floors, and wiring that I initially saw on Wednesday and was wondering what they were going to do with those, but when my husband went to the meeting yesterday he said all of those places got sealed with spray foam and was extremely pleased with the way it looked. And from what I understand, if there are more than 2 studs together they caulked in between them. Also, if there were any outlets on the outer walls they spray-foamed behind those, as well, plus the windows got treated with spray-foam. Spray-foam for the win! :)

In the bonus room we had the option of having access doors placed on either side. We chose to decline those and have them framed in/sealed over. I had access doors in the master closet of our Oberlin and I definitely used them for storing boxes of clothes, but I do not feel that I would have any use for them in our bonus room. Besides, he said they were smaller spaces than what we used to have. We also have a ton of basement room to use. Also, my clothes covered the access doors in our other home. In the bonus room they would be completely visible on each side of the room. No thanks! Actually, the PM was the one who initially decided it looked best closed off. We agree!

Also, based on the fact that we got a bonus room we will be having dual-zone heating/air. We had dual-zone heating/air in our previous Ryan home and it was awesome. Really made heating the house more efficient. Except that home had the main floor heated by gas and the 2nd floor was heated by electric. This home is fully electric. When I had stopped by Wednesday I saw that the master had the thermostat placed in it and thought it odd - but it makes sense now. Even though now that I think about it, our last home had the 2nd floor thermostat in the master as well. That should have been obvious to me.. oops! :)

I also forgot to mention in my last post that we had a garage door! It's lovely! The entire neighborhood is going to have tan carriage style garage doors. Seriously, these guys are moving so fast it's hard to absorb everything that we see. Every time I go out there it's something new! :)

Best news.. they are supposed to be putting insulation in today or Monday! :) Which means drywalling starts NEXT WEEK! Are you kidding me? So excited for what next week will bring.


  1. Sounds like they are doing a really good job with everything. I wonder if we have dual zone heating/air with the basement be finished. I guess we will find out. I really like that are use spray foam behind the outlets and windows. Makes me very happy. They better start paving soon, so they can put power in and start my lot. Lol. Have you heard anything about when the HOA docs will be ready? We want to fence in our back yard, but need to know what the rules will be.

    1. They added in gravel to part of our road and it looks like they have done more with the round-a-bout so maybe they will start making their way to the back! :) We noticed a little power substation-esque site back by the tree line today. Looking back, it looks like it was there last Sunday, but not any time before last week. So maybe we are on our way to having power? I haven't heard anything about HOA. I think that is still a ways away and probably up to the developer versus RH. I say, hurry up and throw that fence up when you get in then can they really say anything? :)


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