Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Muddy Adventures & Bare Bones! - Ryan Homes Build

From our visit over the weekend! :) 
Here is our floor plan for reference now that you can start to visualize some of the features and locations. 

We've got windows and doors! Actually, we've had windows and exterior doors for quite a few days before we stopped by on Sunday, but this is the first chance I have gotten a good daytime view of them. I do wish there were windows on the side of the 2nd floor near the front. An option for that in the future would be great - Ryan Home floor-plan designers ;) I LOVE windows/light.

Trying to visualize how much room there will be in the front. There will be sidewalks placed before we move in. I can't wait to see this area with grass, sidewalks, and trees! :) I look forward to a cozy feeling. 

Tray ceiling in the dining room! Completely changes the open aspect of this room - in a good way. This room still feels small and I'm curious to see how our dining room table fits. The tray is actually a drop down from the rest of the ceiling whereas the master bedroom tray retains the normal ceiling height and actually is fitted into the frame. 

Looking into the living room, which we will be using as a study. We did NOT get the study feature which would include french doors. 

Left: The view from the hall after the living/dining rooms. Garage door entrance in the middle of the left picture. The two windows are part of the family room. The right picture shows the living room, a small wall that will house the security system/thermostat and then the main set of stairs to the 2nd floor (these stairs do not access the bonus room). 

Left picture is looking down the stairs from the 2nd floor. Right picture is looking into the basement. Left picture will have wooden floors with metal balusters. Right picture will be framed with drywall and carpet down the stairs as we are not getting the basement finished. 

Visualizing the kitchen on the left with the bar, family room to the middle/right, patio doors to the right in the dinette. Picture taken from the bonus room access stairs.

Visualizing the dinette and bonus room stairs on the left, kitchen bar in the middle, and archway on the right leads to the hall housing the dining and living rooms. This view is from the family room. 

A panoramic of the 2nd floor. The very left is the master bedroom. The very right will be our son's bedroom.

This view is where the pantry and refrigerator will be housed in the kitchen. Along the right wall will be refrigerator, cabinets, and the cooktop. On the left side around the bar area will be more cabinets, the built-in wall ovens, dishwasher and sink. 

The dinette area. The left door accesses the backyard, the full door is access to the garage, with the stairs on the right accessing the bonus room. In between the garage door and the bonus rooms stairs we are planning on building a bench with a rectangular table because it makes the most use of that space. That will be a project we tackle after moving! But until then, will use our round, glass table. 

The family room with a fireplace. The fireplace will be stone from floor to ceiling and will be electric. You can see the cable run from the wiring company for our placement of the TV. Not really sure where/how we will put our couches because of the layout of this room is not necessarily square or rectangular in nature so we are entertaining the idea of having the TV over the fireplace OR possibly on the left wall to make the best use of space. We are in talks about looking for a smaller sized wrap-around couch to place along the windows with a small chaise attached. For now though, we have two sets of couches to decide between that we already own. The wrap-around will come at a later date! :) 

Left: Looking down from the bonus room stairs. That window is extremely high up! I'm 5'8" and had to stand on my toes to even peek out of it. Not that I have any intention of peering out that window because it will only be our next door neighbors garage! :-P But at least we have a window there that lets in more light! :) Right: stairs that lead to the bonus room and then turn left to continue upwards over the garage. These stairs will also be wooden like the main staircase (these do NOT access the rest of the 2nd floor). 

The bonus room! (This is over the garage, but I keep wanting to call this attic.. definitely NOT the attic feature that you can add to this model home. P.S. the attic feature is not offered in our area.) The upper left picture shows the casing of the stairs and behind the stairs will be a fairly decent sized closet and a bathroom. Our plan for this area is to turn it into a useful family space. We are planning on putting our workout equipment up here as well as the other set of couches and making another family room out of the area. In the future, when we finish our basement this area will be turned into a spare bedroom/in-law suite since it is so private. Also, I'm completely looking forward to the bathroom tile that will be going in this space. I seriously might just take showers in this bathroom just to enjoy the tile. Yep, I said it! :)

Left: This window is located at the landing of the main stairs. Love it! Just wish our view wasn't our neighbors house. Our last home, the Oberlin, had a double window of this shape and the location overlooked our backyard. Still grateful to have this kind of window on our stairs either way. I have a bad case of "love the windows!" Right: the boys looking out of the window that will be over the toilet in the master bathroom. This is the only window located in the master bathroom due to our 2nd floor layout and bathroom choice. Of course, I wish it were bigger and that there were more, but hey, I'll take what I can get! :) 

2nd floor panoramic from the middle bedroom. To the very left will be the baby's nursery and to the right is the master bedroom and bathroom. Directly ahead will be the hall bath and ahead of that you can see the window that leads to the stairs. There is one other bedroom located on this floor (to the left of the half-round stair window), but you can't accurately see it - it appears just like a bunch of wood! ;)

Our son standing in what will be his room. Of course, this room HAS to be green. Point taken, kid, point taken! :) All of the bedrooms seem to be relatively the same in size which is nice. However, this room has two windows. Lucky him being the first born.. he gets more windows! ;) The other two bedrooms on this floor have one window each. Seriously, you all probably think I'm crazy for being so window obsessed but I love sunlight and the outdoors. There's nothing better, guys. Nothing much better. :)

Lower left: master bedroom with the tray ceiling. Holy cow, can we talk about how high these ceilings are in the second floor for a minute? With the tray, I believe this extends the ceiling height to around 10 feet as the standard footage is 9 feet without the tray. It's LOVELY! Since this is a more compact home and 2nd story, the additional height in the ceiling is glorious. It really opens up the rooms dramatically. And the lighting in this room at the time of afternoon we went.. AMAZING! (go ahead and judge but I love it!) The lower right was just a cool picture. You guys, seeing SOLD on your home is awesome. I mean, really, really cool. It's just a great feeling. So a picture of my little man & my sold sign.. my world is now COMPLETE!

A panorama of the master bedroom. We added in an additional window in this room. You can see part of the tray ceiling, as well. Again, LOVE the addition of the tray ceiling. 

Side view of the house.

Soon-to-be foundation of our neighbors. Moving right along! 

The space between our home and the neighbor on the other side. This looks so narrow! Not that it's not narrow.. but this picture is a bit more deceiving than reality. Our house is on the right. 

Self-explanatory. Garage. Literally love the size of this garage. I'm pretty sure it's bigger than our garage with our other home. 

Our home on the left and the neighbor on the right. Again, same model, different elevation sans the bonus room over the garage. 

Rear-view of our side-backyard. 

That's all for now guys. Updates to come in relation to our meeting with the wiring company, utilities & the soon-to-be pre-drywall meeting. Cheers! :) 


  1. Your house is coming together nicely! I love how the bonus room is completely separate so you can use it as an in-law suite in the future.

    1. Thanks Mary! Definitely looking forward to using the bonus room in many ways in the future. But definitely an in-law suite was first on my list. :)

  2. I love your bonus room, so jealous we didn't get one. So many things you can use it as. Are you planning on doing blinds or shades for all your window, I'm looking for ideas. I think I might leave a couple windows without like stairs window, it's so pretty, I love it. We will never need to turn on the light on the stairs lol. Love how you took so make pictures, makes its so exciting.

    1. Don't be jealous. You guys can always come hang out in it. ;) And we will come hang out in your gorgeous finished basement! ;) And I honestly have no idea about what to do. We have just started talking about stocking up on blinds in the coming weeks. Let me know what you find/what you're thinking. I need ideas too! There are definitely going to be a few without blinds in ours.. they get so pricey to begin with. Definitely leaving the stairs window open.. it's too pretty to cover. And the windows are all a bunch of different sizes, it's crazy!


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