Friday, April 03, 2015

Tile, Flooring, and Appliances, oh my! - Ryan Homes Build

Me and these cheesy title posts... I have no idea how else to sum it all up! ;)

This week has been a whirlwind and it's only Friday. These guys know how to get a home done! Every evening until 7pm there is someone present working on a home. And the quality continues to looks great! :) 

If I were to update every single day, you guys would probably grow tired of me but at this rate I could have this week! :) But nonetheless, I'll break it down in one post. Maybe one LONG post..

Sunday: I left you all with a post of the cabinets, balusters, granite in the bathrooms, and trim work.

Monday: The siding was being installed! We originally selected a gray called "Granite" but when it was shipped the box actually said "Pewter". It's still the same color and even if not, it's a darker gray and completely what we wanted. That's all I know as I worked that day. The only disappointing part about this time of year is that it is dark when I get off work and I can't snoop! ;) Also, our neighbor is going to have a dark colored home as well as they chose a blue with some grey in it. We loved the blue originally as it was one of our top choices along with the red & gray! :) These pictures make it look a little more blue/purple than gray. I will get better ones later this weekend! 

Tuesday: Oh goodness, I don't know if these guys did this all in one day or if Monday consisted of tile laying as well, but WE HAD TILE in the bathrooms! It was pretty sweet to see. Quality looked great. 

This is our hall bathroom. I'm apprehensive about keeping the white clean, so I'll take any ideas if anyone has any! :) This will be the kid's bathroom. It's level C tile and has a gray tile floor. Love how high they put the tile up! :) Our son got a little upset when he saw his bathroom after ours because he didn't have a "window" in front of his shower. We were so confused until we realized he meant he didn't have the shower frame! Then we explained that he would have a shower curtain like in our current bathroom and he said, "Well they need to hurry up and put my shower curtain in so my bathroom is ready!" Oh little boy.. these builders can't do EVERYTHING! :) 

So hard to take this picture, but here is our shower with the door frame! I should have taken one before they put the door frame in, but nonetheless, here it is! This is the mud set tile pan that we paid for at the flooring appointment that was a "red-flag" request when we signed our contract. I just love it though! When we had our flooring appointment they weren't aware that we were requesting a tiled pan because it was still in the process of being approved by Ryan Homes, so they basically just chose a smaller grey tile than what was on the walls for us. Not ideally what I wanted, but I still like it! :) Also, I really like that they did the grout on the floor darker than what is used for the grout on the walls of the shower. Someone put thought in to it and I appreciate it because you don't want white grout getting dirty on the floor of your shower! :) Also, our tile floor in the bathroom is the same color as the shower walls - gray. We will be putting in plush white rugs in this area. I can't wait for a cozy bathroom! 

This is the tile in the bonus bathroom. It's pretty! Although, I'm not sure how the flooring compares. I think the flooring is more gray than tan, but wasn't supposed to be per the flooring appointment. Or, the tile looks different on the walls versus the flooring. I'll have to take a harder look at this. I don't think they would have switched it up like that, though. It's probably my eyes! :) 

Wednesday: We had chandeliers, recessed lights, and other accessory lights! Love the type of lights they have chosen. We went with standard brushed nickel and are very happy with the outcome. Although, oil rubbed bronze is still gorgeous too! But I think brushed nickel "fits" the style of home we have/look we are going for. Also, they staked off our lot. Surprisingly we feel like we have a great deal of room in our side-backyard. More room for a patio + greenery than we thought! Some outlets were covered at this time. Also, we now have a grey handrail going up our front stairs onto the porch. 

Thursday: OH BOY! I got off work and was told I "had" to come by the house this evening. HARD-WOOD FLOORS INSTALLED, y'all! That was pretty sweet. Not that I really took the time to pull back the covering and visualize the floors because we ALSO HAD ELECTRICITY! We knew they were probably installing the electric meter yesterday but until we saw the lights, nothing prepared me for that! :) Also, OUR APPLIANCES WERE IN! Well, most of them. They were "in place" mostly. The refrigerator was hanging out in the dining room & the cooktop was still in its box, but the microwave, ovens, and dishwasher were inserted in their spots. I can't wait to see them with the blue wrap off, cleaned up, and right next to those awesome, uncovered Misty Gray floors! :) We also had the "little things" installed like toilet paper holders, towel racks, completed outlet covers, our shower door installed and house numbers. 

Hello my pretty! The laundry room light was left on when we arrived. It was so cool to see the light on! :) Also, we didn't realize we were "locked out" today. We've always been semi-locked out but were able to find ways in. This time (Lord, I shouldn't even be saying this.. haha) we put our 4-year old in through a side window to unlock the door.. well, that didn't work. So my husband had to boost 7-month pregnant me through the window so that I could unlock the door. Ouch! PS. I'm sorry little baby.. that was a rough trip. ;) 

Hello gorgeous kitchen coming together! :) What a difference with the appliances. I'm going to love these ovens! We had dual ovens in our last home, although I very rarely used the bottom oven. The top oven heats as a convection and the bottom as a conventional so they cook at different rates and thoroughness. But, they are also extremely visually appealing. In my opinion, at least. Plus, I can't wait to cook for the holidays here. :) Now, had I not chosen the dual oven option, the cabinets & counter would have continued to extend for more counter space. Underneath the microwave will go the cooktop that is in the box to the right! :) And see the refrigerator in the dining room! We've owned that refrigerator in the past, no complaints about it. It is the standard stainless steel refrigerator offered. The other appliances were upgraded to Premier II because the dishwasher offered was exactly what I had in mind. :)  

Here is the home with the under cabinet lighting installed and turned on. It is SO lovely! The ambiance that came from this with just these lights on was perfect. When we first inquired about this neighborhood in February of 2014 (yep, it's been THAT long) we were given a $500 incentive (or so) to use if we moved forward with RH when they began selling in April 2014, so we applied it to the use of under cabinet lighting when we signed. I was so apprehensive about this when we could install in ourselves, but we figured it would be a nice thing to have and use the incentive on, so thats we did. I think it has already paid off. Seriously this is probably one of my FAVORITE features right now. It's lovely

Panoramic of the under cabinet lighting on with a little boy peeking his head out by the ovens! :) He was so excited! The foyer light was also on in this picture as seen through the archway. And the pretty covered hardwood floors! And hello to the window on our left being our way in.. oops! 

Oh Misty Gray.. how beautiful art thou?! As I have always said, this color is EXTREMELY MISLEADING! But not in a bad way! :) This flooring is brown AND gray and at times so dark it's got black it in. But I love it! There is no justice for this flooring because it changes with the light. It's engineered hardwood level B. I will take more pictures of the flooring this weekend! :) 

Another view of Misty Gray flooring. The rectangle of different colored flooring in the inner middle was from the cabinets. Definitely not the best picture, but it's what I got for all the excitement going on last evening. :) This is where the refrigerator will go. 

The typical dinette/bonus room stairs picture now with our chandelier hanging. 

Also, my typical panoramic shot of the kitchen & family room from the bonus room stairs. This is with the kitchen recessed lights on, under cabinet lights, and dinette chandelier. There are also eyeball lights over the fireplace that are not on in this picture, as well as at the stairs, foyer & dining room lights being off. 

I feel like I'm forgetting so many things guys! But all I know is that each day held a ton of surprises of their own. It is awesome! I'm feeling like a kid on Christmas. And this is the coolest gift EVER! I'm so thankful and so incredibly excited. Seriously, these guys that do this work.. they've made for a very happy future homeowner! 

Today is supposed to be the start of granite being installed in the kitchen & the rest of the trim work taking place. We got some clarification from our PM of what the trim will entail because that has always been unclear to us as far as what level 2 really is. It should encompass the living room (which I did not realize) and the foyer hallway. I was under the assumption and believe I had previously heard it is also present on the second floor as well in the hall? We will have to see. I'm assuming the columns will be going in the home shortly as well as the toilets now that flooring is in. The stairs and handrails needs to be stained, but what else am I missing? Ah, carpet & stone around the fireplace.. but this place is really almost done! UNREAL

After everything I have seen, I have only one concern. It's the way the lights are wired in the house. My husband tried to explain to me the probable rationale behind it stating it is more functional than for looks. What they have wired together to turn on when you flip certain switches is a little interesting and not what I would have in mind. Hopefully I can get a more clear understanding of the reasoning behind the light combos and/or have them switched. Not an easy task, I'm aware.. but what I consider functional is making use of the lighting in certain areas, not numerous areas coming on at once. 

But again, I love what this is turning into. It's really starting to look and feel like a home. Much more of a home than what we previously owned. It's cozy, bright, and just lovely. I'm so excited. :) 


  1. Everything looks lovely! So excited for you. You WILL LOVE your double ovens. I use both of mine and it's just me and my husband! I can't wait to see the finished product. :-)

  2. Also, I think my hubby and I passed your subdivision last weekend. We are just up the way from you on 29 :-)

  3. Great choice on the hardwood floors. The under cabinet lights were a good decision especially if they were $500. We did a DIY led strip light in our current place and it's totally okay but there is something nice about having it hard wired.

  4. It was so nice meeting the you two this weekend, and to be able to share this process with someone building in the same community. Kids say the craziest things. They actually have really nice frameless tub doors you can always install later if he still wants his window in front of his shower. My husband wants one for our spare bathroom, not sure if I'm sold yet. May make it hard to give kids a bath. Your master shower mud set tile instead if the pan, looks great. We snuck a closer peek at it when they gave us the key, hope you don't mind. :)
    We love the the metal banisters things you guys selected, wishing we selected them too. We are a big fan of all the lights too. Love the one at the stairs in front of the window, looks great. I had no idea the double ovens cook at different rates. My husband wanted them but I didn't see the need, until now. You can always adjust the light combo switches after. I tried to say I wanted them done a little differently then the electrical plan, but my husband told me not to worry, he could easily fix that per my liking after. We will see how long all the projects he has agreed to do take to get finished. Lol

  5. I love that house plan, it's adorable! We spent a lot of time in the south and I think front porches are so, so charming. Congratulations on being so close to the finishing line!

  6. Everything is coming together nicely. Very similar color choices to ours.

  7. The makeover's looking good! I can't wait to see the finished product, especially the floors. I'm sure it will look fabulous. Great job, so far. Keep it up! :)

    Nathan Riley @ Steemer Atlanta

  8. I love your master bathroom choices! Is there anyway you could send me a picture of the floor tile with the matching shower tile? I just picked grey tile for our floors but picked white tile for the shower because I couldn't decide how it would look. Now I'm second guessing myself!

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