Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Home-stretch Ahead! - Ryan Homes Build

So we've come a LONG way in a few short weeks. We have our walk-through next Wednesday. Did I really just say that?! It's unreal. But oh so sweet! I'm so excited and READY

The house is mostly complete. The only thing I have really seen that is missing is the stone from our fireplace. Which who knows what today has brought! :) Everything else has come together and just needs a good final cleaning. There are a few drywall and grout spots that I've spotted, but some of the drywall spots are ones that (I'm assuming) our PM has already selected that they fix because the blue tape has rolled out. :) 

Our hardwood floors are uncovered now and the stairs have been completed. The stairs are SO dark but so charming! I haven't really gotten to have a good look at everything in the past week and a half or so, especially since they've been finished. We attempted to stop by Saturday because we had family that wanted to come by and see the home for the first time, but our SR had the weekend off and was replaced by another one for the weekend. She was unfamiliar with us and I'm sure just doing her job, but we really only got to spend about five minutes in the house before she told us we had to leave. I honestly just wanted to take it all in! It was so cool to see mostly everything in place and uncovered. 

I have a ton of pictures but have not updated for whatever reason... shame on me! 

April 3rd! 
Gorgeous EVERYTHING! I'm in love. The incorrect faucet was installed for a short period of time. It should not have been ORB, although that one is GORGEOUS. It has since been changed since these pictures were taken, but we plan on changing this back later. It really made a difference. Granite: azul platino, Cabinets: Sonoma Square Painted Linen

Bonus room bath tile: level C

View from the family room.

April 4th!
Bonus room over garage.

Another view of kitchen/dinette from family room with stairs to bonus room.

Same view from the family room from the day before just in the light.

Stairs to main 2nd floor & basement.

Faucet fixtures in chrome with Uba Tuba granite. Only odd thing is the lights are brushed nickel and the fixtures are chrome. Apparently this is standard. 

Hey y'all! :) Bonus room bathroom panorama.

View of bonus room from the other side with doors to downstairs, bathroom, and closet.

Master bathroom granite: santa cecelia light & cabinets: Sonoma square painted linen.

Master bath shower tile pan & the baby bump. 

Master bath shower tile: level C. Hello again! :) The window is a reflection because it is actually over the toilet. Love and look forward to the dual shower heads! And love how high they tiled up the shower!

Master bath granite, cabinets, and flooring together.

Hall bathroom tile: level C with Uba Tuba granite & Sonoma square painted linen cabinets. 

Master bedroom.

Laundry room.

Before the addition of light fixtures. 

Pretty pewter gray siding.

Kitchen looking into family room.

Dinette into kitchen & family room.

The dinette fixture.

Our little row of homes! :) Model on the very left. Our home in the very middle. 

Hardwoods covered and more of the level 2 trim work installed. 

Living room.

Living room and view of stairs.

Dining room with level 2 trim work and optional tray ceiling with standard fixture. 

Hello again! Main floor half bath. 

April 11th!
Our stairs with the stain, although it looks like paint. Not too sure about this. I need to take a closer look because this is the day we rushed through the home. It's still a very nice color.

A more "cleaned" up view of the hall bathroom upstairs. Love the standard shower heads. 

Master bedroom with carpet! It's darker carpet - Rockport. I'm still a little shocked as to how dark we actually went, but my husband loves it. Overall, with kids it's a good color to go with. Ideally, I wanted a shag look, but we could not afford the upgrade throughout the 2nd floor and taking advantage of free carpet for the time being seems worth it. We did upgrade the padding to 8lbs and it seems to have made a difference, so I'm excited for that. 

A more "clean" version of the master bathroom with all the plastic and coverings taken off. I can't wait to paint this room to make it come together more. 

Pretty granite & fixtures! :) 

Coming down the stairs from the main 2nd floor. View of Misty Gray floors. 

View of the family room. Sometime this week will have stone around the fireplace. Love the floors. 

Flooring and appliances in the kitchen. 

Stairs leading to bonus room. 

Laundry room vinyl flooring - initiator - uncovered. 

Dining room. 

April 13th!
We have the first coat of paint on our front door! The red is actually extremely charming. My husband loves gray, red, and white together. I am pleasantly pleased with the combination. Part of me still wants a yellow or blue door, but time will determine that and our future HOA! :) I actually do not mind the black railing on the stairs, either.

We now have shrubbery, too! I love the black mulch. Not sure what kind of shrubs are planted, so hopefully we get told about them. Cannot wait to add flowers to the area. On the right side of the picture we want to possibly change out the shrubs for most likely a dwarf crape myrtle. 

Our son peering in the window since our SR was not available yesterday. I have to laugh each time. He is SO excited! 

View of our property line. Again, much more space than we anticipated so I'm excited about that. Cannot wait to see pretty green grass! 

Our driveway paved and the light fixtures. Apparently these are being changed out per the counties request. Curious to see what they change to. 

Love the angle at the end of the driveway. Can't wait to plant flowers along the edge. On the very left side of the house we are going to put two raised garden beds. Only two more weeks and I can plant my veggies! HURRY! :) 

The alleyway to our garages. The right side will be the backyard of the front load home sites and not rear load garages. We are the only row of rear load homes in our phase. 

Gorgeous sunset last night.


  1. It looks so good, so happy for you guys.

  2. I have so many comments and questions, lol. I just noticed there are no columns in the picture of the living room and dining room. I thought they were included, are they not included or did you opt for them to leave them out? I asked our SR and he said that he thought they were included but couldn't be sure. I have so many questions no wonder he doesn't know all the answers. I was really looking follow to having columns, :(. They look so pretty on your porch. Everything looks so much better cleaned up. I'm so surprise they paved your garage entrance road, looks like the developers are getting on top of it. I love your siding color, wishing we picked the same. My mom was saying why didn't you guys pick that color and pointed to your house, I told my mom not to rub it in, lol. I'm sure our color will look just as good, it's so nice to see the colors up on the houses instead of a sample book. The tile in the master shower really does go far up, I wonder if we will get that with our bathroom layout. Your side backyard is perfect size for a nice patio with some grass leftover. :) You guys don't have too long left. You will be thankful for the dark carpet when it comes to cleaning it. I hated the white carpet at our old place and I picked out the color lol. I had no idea how hard it would be to keep clean with a black dog, so we went dark this time. I love you post with all the pictures. :)

    1. We have been back and forth about the columns, but got clarification about a week ago from our PM who said they are actually not included. Completely surprised us, but I'm actually doing okay without the idea of them. They are definitely gorgeous and make the area classy looking, but it's almost TOO small between the rooms and doesn't open up as big as the model does. I was so surprised to see the paving of the alleyway last night! But I think our neighbors two doors down go to closing this week so they need a driveway lol! But you guys have got to be coming up soon. Hopefully the weather holds off and you can get started! I was definitely apprehensive about the siding at first but I have definitely grown to love the look of the home with the details. I can't wait to see your color because no one else has done it! :) I'm sure it will look great. All the colors have so far. You should definitely get the tile up that far because in every home we have seen in our community so far the tile goes up well past the shower head. :) I definitely think dark carpet is a good idea now that I've seen it in person. I couldn't imagine going lighter because all I can picture is dirt all over it and it being worn! ;)

  3. I love everything. It's just gorgeous. Are you all packed up and ready to move in? We're three months out and I already feel like packing up.

    1. Thanks Kathy! Yours is going to be just as gorgeous. I literally cannot wait to see it. We are mostly packed because everything has been in storage for two years! So it's just going to be shuffling boxes & furniture from storage to our home. I do have random items and clothing to move from my parents house, but it shouldn't be too much work. But there's nothing wrong with packing early! I did a lot of cleaning of my clothes a few months ago which made all the difference. I'm trying to go for a minimalist approach with this home. ;)

  4. All so gorgeous.. We are yet to start the foundation and I feel like packing as well

    1. Thanks Rtiz! Nothing wrong with packing early! Get it done and there's less to do later! :)

  5. Your home is coming along great!!! I love all of your selections! Everything looks so good together!! I can't wait till I break ground on my Ernest hemmingway!! What community are you guys in?

    1. Thanks Noah! Do you have a blog? I'd love to follow along in your EH journey! They are so hard to find! :)

  6. I think I've said this a bunch of times but I really love your selections!! Everything came together so beautifully and those misty gray floors are amazing. I really like seeing all of your pictures! We ended up with the metal balusters and our stain will be really dark so it's really helpful to see your railing. Good luck with your final walk through! Post pictures if you have time.

    1. Well Mary, I just LOVE you selections! Seriously you have great taste. The stain on the railings has grown on me. It's definitely a big difference than what I was expecting from seeing a previous model, but it's a risk you take. But it really looks nice with the metal balusters. I can't wait to see yours. I will definitely post pictures if I can! :) I can't wait to see it clean.

  7. Everything looks great! I'm digging your staircase :)

  8. Ryan Homes should pay you for being so informative. I look so forward to seeing your progress as we are also building in a neo traditional Ryan Home community in SC (a James Michner), so keep posting and thank you!

    1. Ha! That's too funny. :) I don't have education related to PR, but I'd certainly do it. ;) But that is so neat to hear you are building a neotraditional home in SC! I would love to follow if you have a blog. And the James Michener is GORGEOUS! There are not many neotraditional blogs around at all. :) Good luck!!!

  9. Looking good. Just curious, but did you have the option to choose some of the appliances? I've read some blogs where people have been able to upgrade the faucet or fridges (with a credit), but did not know if you asked the same thing or just went with whatever they put in?

    1. Yes, we had the option to upgrade the appliances. I can't remember if that option was specifically presented to me or if I asked. But it's definitely an option. The upgrade for the refrigerator was separate while the cooktop, microwave, and dishwasher came as a set when we upgraded. We kept the basic refrigerator because we are choosing to put that in the garage at a later date and buy a nicer one. We upgraded the rest of the appliances to Premier II. There would four different options for us to choose from, but I was looking for a specific dishwasher. Our faucet is also an upgrade (I believe) from what our paperwork says due to getting the dream kitchen incentive when we first signed.

  10. Everything looks AMAZING!!!! When do you close?

  11. Oh my word your house is gorgeous! I am so grateful that you are sharing the process with everyone. It is nice to "pre-meet" some of our soon to be neighbors.

  12. Your house is beautiful! We have very similar taste. We are building a Verona and the kitchen selections are the same. We initially were set in the misty gray floors but ended up choosing the Marican Scrape in Nantucket which is a solid oak. I am really considering changing to the misty gray, but I have some questions...
    Now that you have been in the house, do your floors snag socks? Does there color show a lot of dust, etc? How do you like them overall?

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