Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Wiring & Security - Ryan Homes Build

We met with Trinity Wiring Solutions yesterday to go over cabling and security options. It took us about an hour and a half, but we enjoyed ourselves. We met with the president of the company who normally doesn't do sales, as his sales rep was out that morning. Initially, we knew what we wanted and stuck with that except we did add in security. In this case - our security system that we are going with is not just security, it is home automation also.

We are having cable pre-wire done over our fireplace because it is stone, but also having the cabling in a position to transfer it to a different wall in the family room should we choose based on furniture layout. The other cable pre-wire we are having done is in the bonus room. Otherwise, we have smart TV's and will just use them for Netflix, Hulu, Pandora, and Spotify as we have before. At least in this case, two TV's will be hardwired as not to take up bandwidth. Our cable and telephone/data are combined into one port in each location since we do not use a home phone. 

The security/home automation system we are using is called 2GIG. It seems to be a very well thought through company, and I am interested to see what other products they launch. Now, with all this being said, I am sure this is where the wiring company makes their money because we spent the most time on it and we will be paying a quarterly fee ($150) for sixty months. I am slightly nervous about being committed to something for that length of time since its not a car! But you can also never be too safe. We will have a smoke detector, carbon monoxide detector, 4 door monitors, a motion detector, and a lamp module. I think the lamp module is the most fascinating part of it. Via an app you can program the GPS to be alerted to where you are within a certain radius and it will go ahead and turn the light on so you will not ever walk into a dark house. From what I read, you can also use the modules for other small appliances and set them to a timer. This system also has the ability to link to the door, replacing the use of lock and key wirelessly (this is the part that we are skeptical on). It can also link into your thermostat and you can program the heat/AC to turn up or down when you are away or on your way home. So this system has the potential to expand and I'm sure will become quite useful for us. 

We are not going to roll any of this into our mortgage, so when we go to closing we will be giving a hefty check to our SR for $970. The bulk of the price is due to the pre-wire over the fireplace, but we have to look at resale value and the effort it will take to do it ourselves with a stone fireplace. 

Last night we were watching HGTV (go figure..) and we saw a commercial for the products called adorne by legrand. We will definitely be incorporating their amazing products into our new home. We are now hooked on this very cool new feature of home automation! 

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