Friday, April 25, 2014

We are officially SOLD! - Ryan Homes Build

When I first heard about this development and a phone number was made available, you can BET my husband was forced cheerfully inquired. We were both equally excited! We learned of the development at the end of January/maybe beginning of February. We were placed on a "VIP" list and notified by email around the end of March that VIP guests could meet with the Sales Representative (SR) and move forward from there in April. We made our appointment with our SR for April 5th and we were completely SOLD.

Us with our SR after we were officially SOLD
I had already begun doing my research on the different homes that were being offered (between building them with the interactive plan builder and religiously refreshing and reviewing the Ryan Homes website for the development as they added new information every so often) before the opening of the sales office. When we knew what the homes were going to be like, we even went ahead and toured the two Steinbeck & Michener models located in Maryland. To say that we were not all-in from the beginning is an understatement. 

Again, when we first met with our SR we thought that we would be looking at buying a Steinbeck or a Michener but when it came down to the options, we realized that we could not obtain all that we truly wanted with either of those models. He informed us of the Hemingway model located about an hour away, so we made plans to move forward with touring the model the next day (Sunday) and meeting back up with him that Sunday evening to sign the contract. We did spend that first Saturday choosing our lot and going over options that we wanted in the home, so all that we had to do Sunday was fall in love with the home in person and come back and sign the contract.. we did just that. :)

Ernest Hemingway Model in Charlottesville via
We really enjoyed the layout of the Hemingway. The model we visited was almost a full-scale representation of the layout that we wanted except for the bonus room over the garage. I have a few qualms about the home, but I believe overall, it will be the perfect size and sort of home for our growing family and I AM SO EXCITED! And the qualms are not due to the build, layout, options or anything of the sort - it is just a different experience going from one type of home such as our previous Oberlin to a Neo-Traditional type home. 

Our development is still in the extremely early stages such as that we do not have a model home to meet in. Also, we do not truly know where exactly our lot will be located either - we just chose a lot from the layout. We have chosen a home directly in front of a common area and will be the first row of homes you see based on the entrance of the community. Again, we will have a rear-loading garage which takes away from my traditional experiences of having a back-yard, but I really look forward to be able to sit on the porch and watch my son play across the street in the common area. AND, I'm praying for some pretty great neighbors because I am all about the "community vibe". 

So, we were officially the FIRST home buyers of this new development as of April 6th. The sales office will officially open on May 1st June 21st to the public. I am so excited to see the growth and development and sale of this neighborhood, because I have such great hope for it! 


  1. I can not wait to see how all of this comes together! I am especially enchanted by your hardwood floors!

    1. Thank you so much!! I really can't wait either. Hang with me though.. it's going to be a few more months I'm sure. Really crossing my fingers for progress/starting the build by end of July/August. I'm very curious to see how the flooring will look because I can't seem to find any current bloggers with that floor, but all in due time! :)

  2. I love the plan for your community! I think its so cool that it will be pedestrian friendly and that the homes are planned to foster a real neighborhood feel. I also think its neat that you were the very first in your community. It must have been nice to have your choice of lots!

    1. That's the plan for it to be community like.. but I can only hope! And I say this because this is completely out of the realm for a design in our area. But there are plans to build a shopping center too (which I have no clue what it will entail, hopefully nothing overwhelming) which is actually at an angle to us and will be a short walk away. I'm thinking a good thing especially if we need something quick for dinner! ;) It is pretty cool being the first ones in, but also the ones with the longest wait! And a little difficult because the land is still completely being designed and when we go to look around, we have on idea where we will actually have a home facing or located lol!


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