Thursday, May 01, 2014

On the Hunt - Ryan Homes Build

A nearby river flooded - the following day
Significant flooding on our road

Two days before our flooring appointment, we were planning on touring the different Ryan Home developments throughout our area, except we got hit with huge torrential amounts of rain and flooding that impeded that possibility.. so we went the next day and we are pretty grateful we did because we found what we were looking for. A white kitchen - go figure.. something that seems to be completely out of the ordinary realm for Ryan Homes at this point in time.

We were told by the SR, of one of the communities we were visiting, that the newest plan is for the future RH models to have white kitchens because those are on this rise. All is well though - because I am so excited for what we chose and cannot wait to see it all put together. It is different & that is why I love it!

The home that we looked at in this community was one that we actually did not know about, we just happened to be driving by and it caught our eye. After seeing this development compared to the style ours will have, I am definitely excited that we went the neotraditional route because of just how different it is.

The best thing about this communities model is that the cabinets were exactly what we selected and were hoping to find. Many of the surrounding developments boast the beautiful off-white glazed cabinets, so it was refreshing to see these in person. The granite shown is actually a level 2, whereas ours will be a level 1 rendition, but similar.

My impression of this kitchen, was that it was a bit too "sterile" looking. But, we are looking to incorporate either the blue or green subway tile as a backsplash and add some accent pieces throughout - colored canisters and utensils. Also, our kitchen is a completely different layout, but I still love the overall look of these clean, polished white cabinets!

Our development after the flooding
The one thing this home did show us was how incredible the wide-plank floors could look - especially in a different color! The one that was in this model were of a grey hue.. incredible.

It is starting to look like piping is being prepared to be laid and stakes are starting to pop up around the development as well. This is good news!!!! It is reassuring and so exciting to notice a difference each week. We love driving by the development and imagining how it will look when it's complete. 


  1. hello, stumbled on your pin of this kitchen last night. Was so excited these are our selections too. We are mid construction on a Dunkirk in Rochester NY. We have the maple linen cabinets, misty grey floor etc. Our exterior is graphite grey with Charcoal shutters stone accent and red door (wanted yellow but not approved color). We have our pre-drywall meeting tomorrow! We also were considered unique for our area going for the white cabinets and grey floors.

    1. Hey Megan! That is so awesome that you are doing these selections. It has beens so hard to find someone with even remotely the same cabinets, let alone flooring! :) I think we both had the same idea in mind between the kitchen and the exterior colors! We are hoping to get by with painting our front door before an HOA steps in since we will be the first ones in the neighborhood. Hope your meeting goes well and congrats on starting construction soon!! I'm so excited for you. Do you have a blog? I'd love to see pictures of the progression! :)

    2. Hi Michelle, The appt went great the house is going to be amazing they start drywalling tomorrow! We never got to walk through a model of our home because the floor plan had just been updated and we were one of the first to build the new Dunkirk anywhere. When we signed there were none built. So it was great to walk through it all framed and see what the house will be like. I do not have a blog but if you want me to send you pictures as it goes along especially of the kitchen so you can see your selections let me know (feel free to send a FB request or my email is

      I saw your post about the bath tile too and I couldn't agree more. I ended up going with the baseline white tile because I had hoped for white subway tile and grey floors, I didn't like the accent pieces either (I actually made a change order to have it removed from the white baseline tile or there would have been a fleur de lis (sp?) pattern through out). I like some of the high end upgraded tiles but those were not in the budget - and my father in law does tile work so I know the up charge was outrageous. We didn't even tile the kids shower we will have that done in the future. We are also in synch with carpet. We had a few friends who built Ryan homes upgrade their carpet and they are unhappy with the quality so everyone told us to go basic, upgrade the pad to make it seem plush and then in 5 years when its ratty and the kids are less spill prone (currently 6mo and 3yrs old) put in new. When do they break ground on your home? Is Ryan big in your area - they are huge here.

    3. I am so excited for you! You will be in your house no time after they start tomorrow. :) I bet it will be incredible to see true walls in your home. I would LOVE to see pictures of your home as it progresses. I'm sure it will be beautiful. I'll add you on Facebook but feel free to email me too - I cannot wait to see your pictures!! :)

      I did not even think about putting in a change order to remove the accent piece like you are mentioning! That would have been a great idea. There needs to be one big blog or book that every Ryan Homes builder puts their tips in. :) And honestly, the selections between the level C + D tiles were so insignificant that we could not see paying the price. It was really frustrating the lack of tile options. I'm not sure that I understand why you can't customize the tile choices a bit more, you know?

      I was completely apprehensive about the carpeting, but I'm a little more relieved after you said the quality of the upgrade was bad. We couldn't afford to upgrade the carpeting anyway but I was still wondering about it. Our SR was adamant about just getting the basic carpet mostly because we were tight on money at this point, but also because he said you can use it for what it's worth and then upgrade it in five years like you mentioned. Things are going pretty slowly in our area right now, or so it feels like. :) But honestly, when I drive by I can tell they are there and doing things around the community even if I can't tell. Like today I saw them removing trees to make room for another entrance so that paving can start. Our SR told us the last time we saw him that they paving should take place soon. I'm really hoping for a pre-construction meeting towards the middle of July, but I think I may be a bit too hopeful.

      Ryan is somewhat big in our area. But when I say area, I mean like 50+ miles. When you get further North (we live in VA) they are practically everywhere. But in our surrounding area it takes about 20 minutes to get to the nearest "current building" development. My parents live in a Ryan Home down the street from our new development that was built around 2003. Our previous home that is also down the street from our new development was built around 2006. Otherwise, we don't have any RH communities until you choose another area. What about you all?

  2. I know this post is kinda old but I stumbled upon it and wanted to say we are building a new home in las vegas and picked the new caledonia granite and linen cabinets and a cream-ish and grey wood flooring and in the design center they looked beautiful together but now I am nervous of what the linen is going to look like when its in. I am praying it isn't to creamy and maybe just a couple shades darker then pure white. Are you guys happy with how it turned out? I am assuming your house is done now?


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