Monday, April 20, 2015

Where the Green Grass Grows.. or, is Laid! - Ryan Homes Build

I don't have a reason I haven't posted these guys, but here they are! We had sod laid this past Thursday. It is lovely. Makes such a HUGE difference in the look of the home. The home to our right has its sod as well. Just waiting on the home to the left of us to get to that point in a couple of weeks and it will be pretty and green throughout! :) They have had automatic sprinklers coming on in the evenings which has been nice, plus we've had a few rain showers. Get those roots please, sod! 

On Wednesday (our pre-settlement walkthrough!!!!!) I will attempt to get completed pictures of the outside. The last bit of siding was installed this past Friday. The completed home looks GREAT! Also, they added in more shrubbery. Our porch is pretty high up but still interestingly enough doesn't require railing, apparently. Also, with all those shrubs, it takes away from what itty bitty front yard we would typically have. Oh well! Less to mow! :) 

Here on the left side of the garage will be the home of my raised garden beds. CANNOT WAIT! I'm so ready to plant some tomatoes.. and other stuff. But seriously, tomatoes

The blue stake marks the end of our "side yard".  I will have to see if I can get a picture to do it more justice. It really has a decent size to it compared to some of the others in the row. I look forward to the additions to this area in the years to come. :) 

We also got the stone installed for our fireplace on Thursday, I believe it was. Hello gorgeous! It is very pleasantly pretty in person. We peered through the window on Thursday night and were slightly apprehensive about the color, but seeing it in person on Saturday made a world of a difference. We are in love. Except, the mantle is pretty darn high. Not sure how our TV will fit above it if we ever choose to do so.. so that's a question for Wednesday. But, if it's to be fixed/removed/lowered that's probably going to affect the already placed stone.. oh the questions. 

Otherwise, we are pretty well pleased with the quality of work and what we saw that was completed in the home this past week. Instead of the attack of the blue tape, it was attack of the green tape.. but really not that much! I think our PM has done a great job identifying and keeping track of "errors".. some of the notes we read that were on the tape made us grateful he has a really good eye because we surely wouldn't have caught it such little details. Okay, maybe later we would have.. :) 

But nonetheless, let's see what Wednesday brings! CHEERS! :)


  1. It's absolutely perfect. Doesn't it just say, "Welcome Home"? Good luck on Wednesday. I can't wait to hear about it. *cough* See the gorgeous pics and drool *cough*

  2. It is BEAUTIFUL!!! I can't even imagine the excitement you must be feeling right now.

  3. Your home is great! Everything turned out just perfect!

  4. It's so exciting, it looks great, included the grass. I was really impressed with how green it was, lol. Can't wait to see how Wednesday goes. When you move in be sure to keep a look out for our street getting paved, and let us know if you see any movement back there, lol.

  5. Good luck today! Such a charming and beautiful home you've built!

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  7. Hmmmm great house. I desire to live here. Such a beautiful house.

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  8. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing. What color is your siding?


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