Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Pre-Settlement Walkthrough! - Ryan Homes Build

We had our pre-settlement walkthrough today. It took about 2.5 hours and I have no idea where the time went! But this time next week we will be IN OUR HOME! :) 

We also got the approval that we are CLEARED TO CLOSE from NVR today! 

There weren't many things concerning in the home at all. Most things had been fixed before the Quality Inspector came through per our PM. He does have a good eye and blue taped a couple of places, but nothing in excess by any means. Very few drywall issues, mostly paint touch-up and two minor grout spots I spotted. We are pretty excited!

Biggest issue is that Comcast is not available in the neighborhood at this time and may not be for a couple months. Lack of planning on Comcast's part as the neighborhood has been in the works for over a year and our PM says they have been in contact within the past couple months, at least. So there goes our internet for now. We are planning on using DirecTV as we have before. We will have to see about utilizing Verizon which is only available as wireless internet for the time being. Yikes.. not really thrilled about that but we will see!

I didn't take any other photos of the interior, but will next Wednesday when we close. I think I've showed you guys most of the house, but I will do a final run through of all the rooms then. :) 

Until next time, guys! :) 


  1. Does your model not have an office in it?? You would think they needed internet on site. That absolutely sucks. They did tell us getting cable hooked up is usually an issue in a new development. Due to the fact your address won't exist to most companies. Oh, and your fireplace is gorgeous.

  2. I just love the variations of color in your misty gray wood floor!!! It looks super dark in some pictures and then dark and gray in others...does it actually look that way in person?

  3. Love the fireplace. I was hoping our goes all the way up to the ceiling, but our stone will only go up halfway, from what I was told. It was an extra 2K I think to have it go all the way up.

  4. Yikes, no internet or tv (other than wireless) scares me. I hope Comcast will be out there by the time we move in. Don't want to sign a 2 year contact with direct tv when I want Coomcast or fios. Let me know when you get an update on this. So glad your PM is on top of it. Not sure if you heard but Dana (our neighbor) is planning a get together this Sunday at noon at the Community then lunch after at Grioli's if you want to join

  5. Your fireplace is stunning! That will definitely be a talking point. You are so close to closing...eeeekkk! All of your pictures look great and you can tell you have a real eye for design. I really hope Comcast comes out there soon!

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  7. Congrats on your new house. Its always good to hear from you. Very great website.

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