Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Pre-Construction Meeting COMPLETE! - Ryan Homes Build

We officially had our meeting this past Friday! It went well. I have no complaints and am very excited about moving forward. Talking about moving forward.. it just doesn't feel real yet. :) We met with our project manager and our sales rep - obviously it was our first time meeting with our project manager and I have to say that I really like the guy. Just like everyone we have met through this process, they are all real, down to earth, good people. We look forward to working with him.

All of our questions were pretty quickly and easily answered through the project manager going over the details of our options. I only had three questions left unanswered. :) Our meeting lasted about an hour and a half because we chatted more than was necessary.

They have already started the town houses in our development and are hoping for approval on our home in another 2 weeks or so at this point. Fingers crossed it happens soon! This county definitely drags its feet on projects. That's why I am assuming our closing will be pushed back longer than any three month build because of the continuous county approval for each stage of the build PLUS this expected terrible Winter. It is what it is though. :)

So the plans are as follows: break ground at the end of this month, pre-drywall around the end of February and then closing around the end of March. I'm okay with a delay into April. It allows us more money for closing because we've been so lax in saving for our closing costs. Oops! :)

As I drove by today they appeared to be working on paving the turning lane into the development. It is dug out and half the road is closed to pave, so that's a good step. Soon we will have a completed entrance. :)

Probably the worst picture I've ever posted. Hard to make pavement look nice. ;) Our home will eventually be straight back and to the left. I'm thinking you will probably see it somewhat from the main road. 
According to our PM, it sounds like we will have about 10ft from the side of our house to the end of our lot. So with the other houses next door with the same footage, we should have about 20ft in between the homes. It's more than I was anticipating and I can't wait to see how much space it really is. Also, we are told our driveway should be about 15ft long without the garage included. I can live with that because then we can park 2 cars in the driveway and 2 in the garage. Not that we have 4 cars, but I'm just thinking of guests. :) But of course, nothing is ever for certain, so we will just wait and see!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Fingers Crossed - Ryan Homes Build

SO. Tomorrow is supposed to be the day. Just like two weeks ago was supposed to be the day, but we were told we would have to reschedule our meeting again. So, it goes without saying that HOPEFULLY tomorrow evening we will be finalizing everything at our pre-construction meeting and be moving forward on building a house. I am at my wits end and ready for some progress. I love my family and am grateful for the time we have gotten to be with them, but I am so ready for my little family to have our own personal space again. Plus I really want to dig through all my belongings that have been living in storage almost two years! It's going to be like shopping.. but for free! Hello awesome.

I realized today I haven't taken any more recent pictures which is a little disappointing on my part. The curbs have completely been poured and we have a relatively good idea of the location of our lot and the roads in front of and behind us. Today as I was driving by the one side of the entrance was being PAVED. That's a HUGE step forward.

Nonetheless, fingers crossed tomorrow stays scheduled as planned. I can't wait to hear of our "breaking ground" date! Because when that moment comes.. only THREE more months.. give or take days, weeks, or months due to winter weather. But as long as I see the framing, it's one more step to having our own roof over our heads.

Also, I've LOVED reading every single one of your blogs and enjoyed your journey. I've lived vicariously through all of you even though I haven't been commenting. I do check in and am extremely happy to see all of your beautiful homes. There is sunshine ahead! ;) Congratulations to all of you as most of you have moved in or are in that home stretch! Such a rewarding experience and beautiful accomplishment for everyone. I hope to keep reading some of your journeys post-build. :)
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