Saturday, February 14, 2015

Just a peep! - Ryan Homes Build

We checked out the homesite today. Nothing super major to report on the homefront, but it was exciting nonetheless. The crew is just killing it with finishing the first house and the model when it comes to framing.

We also got our street sign posted on the corner of the road, which was really cool to see! Also on our permit it shows what our address will be. Time to start remembering the numbers! :)

Took a look at what will be our backyard. Definitely small, but I can't say it is any smaller than I imagined, but small either way. We were a little taken aback as to the size. My husband is all for putting just a patio back there now, but I still am thinking a pad of grass is necessary. I'd like to look out and see a little greenery! But of course, we will have to wait till it all comes to fruition and reevaluate.

It looks like at the garage we will be able to fit our cars in the small pad of driveway - thank God we have smaller cars! No curbs have been poured at this point for the roadway that houses the driveways for our row of homes.

The foundation has the location of the service door of our garage which was neat to see. We liked the idea of being able to easily go in and out of the garage when we are out in the backyard. That way when we're spending time outside, you can walk in the garage, grab a drink and walk back out instead of going inside the house and tracking dirt throughout.

Last but certainly not least, WE HAVE WOOD! I saw that it was delivered on Thursday and was secretly hoping it might make it's way onto the foundation on Friday even a little bit, but certainly not a big deal because at the rate they are going we will have a framed house by the end of next week which completely excites me!


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    1. You're exactly right, Natasha! I'll take what I can get. :)

  2. I'm so happy it is finally happening for you guys! I can't wait to see the finished product!


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