Wednesday, February 11, 2015

First view of our "ten-percent down, white picket fence house" - Ryan Homes Build

"You get your hands in it, plant your roots in it, dusty headlights, dance with your boots in it. You write her name on, spin your tires on it, build your cornfield, whiskey bonfires on it. You bet your life on it. It's that elm shade, red rust clay you grew up on, that plowed up ground that your dad damned his luck on. That post game party field you circle up on and when it rains you get stuck on. Drift a cloud back behind county roads that you run up, the mud of her jeans that she peeled off and hung up, her blue-eyed summertime smile that looks so good that it hurts. Makes you wanna build a ten-percent down, white picket fence house on this dirt. You've mixed some sweat with it, taken a shovel to it, you've stuck some crosses and some painted goal posts through it. You know you came from it and some day you will return to it." - Dirt, Florida Georgia Line
Another view of our foundation/basement. 
Got to make our first stop by our lot today! We were unable to get out and actually walk around because the crew was still out. They say it's a "hard hat area" and we have no hardhat, so I'm not trying to get a talking to. ;) It was great to visualize in person and unbelievable they already have one house entirely framed in one day, because I can tell you, this morning after driving by when I got off work there was no house. Now, a house two doors down! I'm impressed. It's a house that started 1 week before us. So I'm hoping/expecting to see this kind of progress for our home next week. :) We were unable to see the back view of the home because the road that houses the garages was ungraveled and we couldn't make it back there. Maybe this weekend we will get to see the backyard & slap a sold sticker on our sign now that those are up as well! :)

The home two doors down that was almost entirely framed in one day - impressive!
The pretty colored town-homes. 
Looking at our row of homes across the common area. 
Another view across the common area of our row of homes from the main road.  

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  1. It's great that they're making progress on your house. I bet that they will start framing your house really soon.


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