Sunday, November 02, 2014

Curbs, Lots, Dirt, & a BABY! - Ryan Homes Build

View out behind the sales office

It has been a LONG time coming, but we are still in the process of building our home and hopefully moving forward for good now. They still continue laying the roads, curbs, pipes/utilities. Delays have occurred that have been related to weather and the county permits & approvals. Not going to lie, the delays have been really tiresome and frustrating, so I've attempted to back off and not watch the movement like a hawk like I used to. I am really hoping from this point we move forward and pretty quickly as well. :)

We visited the sales office yesterday & it really did make me look forward to the future again. Each time I stop by, the excitement gets re-ignited and I'm thankful for that. I look forward to this home and this community so much! :)

In my last post I originally left off stating that construction was slated to begin middle of October. Well, October has come and gone into November. So clearly we haven't started or I would have been back to posting sooner. Mama always said "if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all". I wouldn't say I don't have anything nice to say, as I understand there is so much that goes into the development and the foundation of starting a brand-new community, but I just don't exactly have anything to say in general. BUT slow progress is still progress & I've been waiting for this opportunity.

According to our SR, who is somewhat in the dark as to when paving is set to begin, but is under the impression that hopefully within the next two weeks that progress takes place. They are currently pouring the curb and laying the gravel, so all that's left is the asphalt. ;)

Our pre-construction meeting is now slated for November 28th with construction hopefully beginning December 1st. It makes me wonder how difficult it is to build a house in the Winter, but we will clearly be seeing! :) 3.5 weeks to that day, but I'm not going to focus on it because I don't want my heart set on another date that may change again.

BUT onto the GOOD news that we ran into yesterday, is the fact that we finally have a stake showing the general vicinity of our lot! :) I was so stinking excited for this, because it was the first time we've ever seen something depicting where our future home will be besides on paper.

Sweet little lot #95!
The stake is probably positioned where the beginning of our rear-loading garage will be.
The mound of dirt in front will house the 1.2 acre "common area". 
I kicked off my shoes because I didn't want to get them dirty trudging around the development.
So here I am standing for the first time in what will specifically be my future home.
Standing in the middle of the road that will be in front of our home, looking to the left.
Which in the future will house the shopping center. 
Looking directly forward through what will be the front of our home to the rear.
Our little "stake" housed in the middle of the photo.
Standing in the middle of what will be our road! It was FREEZING! 
Celebrating our stake! Someday we will get to slap a "SOLD" sticker on a real sign. ;) 
Early morning this past week before pouring the curb
Early morning this past week before pouring the curb. 
The next morning - completed curbs!
The next morning - completed curbs!

So, some progress has been made! Apparently they are letting the gravel "settle" and then the asphalt will be next. I did not get a picture of it, but the curb is set to be poured for the road that comes from this entrance to the road around the round-a-bout. I'm assuming this starts Monday and then we will move forward with the gravel application & settling, before asphalt is poured in that area.

View from the main road from September

The picture above shows the layout of "Phase 1". The round-a-bout is half pictured. The gazebo and sidewalks seen in the upper-middle part of the picture depicts the common area which is directly in front of our home. We are the first row of homes pictured in the middle of the paper - with the rear  loading garages. To the right are four sections of town homes. The lots shown on the bottom of the page and directly above are the front loading garage homes. The street directly in front of our home will be Stubenhofer Street & from the looks of it should not be a very busy road because there are main access roads elsewhere to get to the front loading homes and the town homes. I look forward to this because that is one reason I selected this lot - to have a not busy street and a big area for our son to play in given that we have a smaller backyard due to a rear loading garage. The open area on the left of that paper is where the shopping center will be. I also am looking forward to being able to simply walk right across the street if I need something to pick-up for dinner at the grocery store. Granted, that development part of the subdivision will be later on down the road.
Lastly, we have HUGE news not related to the house. We are expecting an addition to our family in June 2015! We will then be a family of four. :) I'm REALLY hoping to be closed by the first week in March (which is our estimated date of settlement) because I've got things to get in order before the arrival of another child! I look forward to decorating both kids rooms now. :) Time to get the nesting in order as soon as I can. 


  1. Michelle-

    I'm very glad to see you back. I was wondering how it was going. good to see you are finally starting.

    Congrats on the baby! That's wonderful news!

    1. Thanks Bridget! Really hoping this is the final time change! :)

  2. Aww! Congratulations all around! You have so much to look forward to.

    1. Thanks Natasha! We do! Definitely looking forward to next year. Great things to come. :)

  3. I'm super excited for you!!!! A new house and a fresh new baby! It's nice to see curbs and future will be building before you know it!

    1. Awww.. thank you!! It was completely refreshing to actually see the general area of roads and curbs and everything of the like. It's more real! :)

  4. OMGosh! Congrats times 2! I am super happy for your progress and newest addition to the family! What great news!

  5. Oh congrats on the addition to your family! Don't worry about building in the winter! Just go into and expect delays, but then they will soar on other days. We counted it up and we had almost 4 weeks of "delays" from when we broke ground but closed on time. The guys building want to work- so when they get delays, they make it up, so no worries!

    1. Thank you, Chrissie! :) Literally, I am expecting the delays. No surprises here! The only surprise would be if we actually didn't have any delays lol :) I'm definitely trying to be accommodating. By the time we realize it, it will all be over and this wait will be nothing. :) Thanks for being so optimistic.

  6. First off, graduations on expecting the new baby. I must say you take the best pictures. I went out to see the dirt as I call it, not last weekend but the weekend before and i took pictures but they didn't turn out anywhere near as good as yours. Of course my were taken with my phone, so that may have something to do with it. What kind of camera do you have? It was really nice to get out there and get a feel for everything. The delays are starting to get to me too. I look every morning as I drive past on my way to work. We still haven't sold our current place yet, so the delays are helping give us more time to sell it. I hope we sell it soon, starting to get a little worried, don't want 2 mortgages. I'm estimating we will have more delays once we break ground due to the holidays and weather. I estimate we will close late March to April after future delays. Just a guess, lol.

    1. Thanks Page! :) And as far as the pictures.. I just use my iPhone 5s and edit on snapseed, some. :/ But I completely agree with you. Yay for dirt! :) Every time I go our I make a little detour to drive by and hope I see changes. It's more a relief to see them doing something then nothing, so at least we something is being done. I hope you guys have luck in selling your current place. But as the way it goes you still have some time ;) and I totally agree! I'm sure there will be more delays with the holidays and weather for sure.. and an April closing wouldn't surprise me. At least we will be in time for the beginning of warmer weather and Spring! :)


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