Tuesday, August 19, 2014

A Delay in Movement - Ryan Homes Build

So originally we were planning to have our pre-construction meeting this coming Friday. Not necessarily a surprise, but the date is now pushed back to October. We don't officially have a new date for pre-construction, but they are anticipating the beginning of construction being October 13th.

This isn't something worth pointing the finger at Ryan Homes, because I know our county. Our county has extremely strict stipulations related to any zoning, building, paving and so forth. The county supervisors have had strong, strict requirements since this development has been in the works to be approved in 2009. So the completion of this entire project is something that is probably not going to come easy. They have an idea of the way they want the community and neighborhood to look and they are going to stand by it until the vision is fulfilled and I cannot be against it. I have extremely high hopes for this community and am more than willing to wait it out. No matter HOW BADLY I WANT MY HOME. ;)

I just want a job well done. In my parents neighborhood, which was a RH development from 2003, it feels as if the house could fall down when the wind blows or the rain pours and you can hear every little thing outside when in the living & dining rooms. And just for clarification so you all don't get the wrong idea about all RH's, our previous home was a RH and was build spectacularly.

With that being said, I would assume that we have a January/February closing. As long as the Winter does not prove to be an issue, I believe that maybe we will see that date. Fingers are crossed! It is only going to be sweeter with time. Even though I want nothing more than to be inside those four walls. :)

In addition, they have added in fire hydrants and it appears they have finished the majority of the plumbing line work. Clearly, I do not know all that needs to be done. But it really does look like they are ready for the paving to begin. I am hoping any day now. :) The other great part is that they removed the brush to the entrance to our section of the community which will lead to a roundabout with our home directly diagonal to said roundabout. Progress people! I am still excited to see the day that we have a sign indicating our lot! :)

 It doesn't seem like much, but it sure is pretty to us. It is progress and a new place to call home in the future. We are grateful and blessed. Also, assuming that our home will be somewhere near the brush/wood/tree pile in the first couple of pictures. :)


  1. What great views. By far the slowest movement of time is waiting for ground breaking. Nothing feels "real" until that happens. I also agree with you with not wanting anything rush.

  2. I'm so disappointed to hear your build is being pushed back but you have the best attitude about it! We tell ourselves all the time this process is not for the impatient person! However it makes the time when it does come that much sweeter! We went through a similar situation with zoning and permit issues between the developer and the county, they originally anticipated not starting our build until Oct as well, with a completion date of Dec. Luckily things worked out and we found ourselves back on track... I really hope you do as well!

  3. I am so sorry to hear about your delays, but I must say your views are gorg and will be worth the wait! I will be looking out for your updates soon!

  4. I think we are building in the same neighborhood as you from your pictures and timeline. We also picked the Ernest Hemingway model. I hear the lots we be on around mid September. We will be out if town if it's then for our wedding. We are very excited about building our brand new house and it couldn't be a more prefect time for us, to get started building right after our wedding. I hadn't heard about any timing push backs yet, but we only started everything about a month ago. We need to sell our current place before so a timeline push back would be okay if we are still waiting for our place to sell.

  5. Kudos to your wonderful determination! The site for your future home is lovely and I do wish it 's pushing through this month. Here's to hoping that you meet that January/February closing goal! Thank you so much for sharing those lovely pictures! All the best!

    Pleasance Faast @ Shelton Roofing


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