Sunday, June 15, 2014

Ch-ch-changes - Ryan Homes Build

You know how there are times when it seems things just work out? That is the situation with this house. Before I get too ahead and jinx myself, I just have to say I am grateful and thankful. This buying/building experience has been awesome. Every day that passes I see more and more that everything happens for a reason. It can be interesting watching life unfold backwards.

New Caledonia (old) & Azul Platino (new)
We have had the incredible blessing at forging a friendship with our SR, who has been GREAT during this entire process. He has been an awesome soundboard and a great advocate. Since the development is still in its early stages, we had to meet with our SR to sign addendum's to our contract last Sunday. These changes on the addendum's? Another blessing. 

We finally got the order submitted for our exterior colors. We ended up going with a gray primary siding called granite, with accent siding called graphite gray. The trim will be white with a copper red door. There are not going to be shutters on the homes in this development, so we did not worry about that. We do plan on changing out our door and the color of it before an HOA comes into effect. I love the different color front door trends. :)

Initially we were going to go with New Caledonia granite because it was the closest match to what we envisioned when we realized the Azul Platino granite we really wanted was a level 2. It wasn't until this meeting that we realized the granite upgrade to Azul Platino was affordable at a $300 extra. Quite interesting how things just work out.

We also changed out the cabinets that go in the hall bath and bonus bath to the Sonoma Painted Maple Linen that we are getting in the kitchen and master bath. So all the cabinets in the house will match, not a big deal to some, but I am really excited about this change.. and thankful.

We added in two recessed lights over the fireplace and two additional outlets for the master and dining room tray ceilings. Our plan is to duplicate a look that we saw the Steinbeck model in MD have - rope lights on the inside of the tray ceiling of the master and dining room. We were also approved to have the master shower floor pan tiled - another huge expression of gratitude. I can't even begin to explain.

As we continue down this road, I cannot wait to see what else is in store. We are honestly just ready to see homesites be labeled and determine which one ours will be instead of just seeing a picture on paper. Our timeline for completion has been pushed back to December, but the wait will be oh so worth it. :) 

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