Sunday, September 27, 2015

Home Tour - Our Sweet Girl's Nursery!

Figured I would start the lovely Fall season back up with a blog post! I plan on starting a home tour over the next couple of months. It has been an unexpected couple of months which has delayed the decorating and designing of our home. But, God's always got bigger plans than we ever realize. You can't have sunshine without a little rain (in our case, it's felt like a major storm!). I could go on and on.. but you get the picture. Everyone's health is fine, it is all job and finance related but the pieces are coming together and we are thankful for the blessings we have been given through this time.

So, onwards we go! :) Each room is still in bits and pieces, but I figure it will be fun to go through each room every couple of weeks or months and show you all the changes, little or big, that have occurred. The rooms aren't going to be perfect and I can appreciate the time and effort that goes into making a room part of a home.

First up - our daughter's nursery! As you all may remember, we were not finding out what we were having. I loved the wait of the surprise and even though it would have been nice to decorate her room sooner, it is coming together perfectly even now. She is now a little over 3 months old and we are in love. With her and her room.. :)

First off, the color is by Behr - Gentle Rain 790E-2. This is our go-to color. They don't have the swatches anymore, but you can still request it to be made. We've used it in all 3 places we have lived. It's been used in our master bedroom in our condo, dining room, living room and morning room in our previous home, and so far in our daughter's room and the powder room in this home. It is definitely a "cloudy, rainy sky" color but is so lovely.

The white flower upon walking in her room is from Ross. I cross my fingers for the day they have another! The headband holder is something I made with materials from Michael's and the majority of the headbands are made by me - some of which I hope to sell in the near future. :) The crib is by Graco - the Westbrook. The pink pom-pom and the elephant picture are from Hobby Lobby - which I just discovered a few months ago. If I could afford to, half of my home would be from that store! My plan is to return there soon and get another pom-pom in either hot pink, green, or turquoise and hang it a little bit lower. The butterflies and the dresser are from Wayfair - I'd like to get a couple more butterflies for that wall. The rocker is salvaged from a yard sale 5 years ago and was used in our son's nursery. The pink lamp is from Ikea. Last but not least are the curtains from Carousel Designs - I fell in LOVE with these when I saw them online. They are gorgeous in person and so well made. I still have three other pictures that I need to get frames for before I hang them, but I have yet to find the perfect frames.

We love how far we have come with this room, but there is still more that is going to be done. I have a couple ideas floating around. Time will tell what we add! Until next time guys! :)


  1. Very cute! The wall color looks fantastic. I like that the room doesn't scream pink, its a nice balance.

  2. The room is gorgeous!! Can't wait to see more!

  3. Looks amazing! Paint color is very nice! Did you guys paint on your own? We are thinking of doing some painting in the near future

  4. Wow that's such a nice article. The nursery looks amazing.

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