Thursday, May 14, 2015

Right Here, Right Now - Ryan Homes Build

It's obviously been a couple weeks since I've touched base with you guys. I'm not falling off the wagon yet! We haven't gotten internet because the company we want to go with isn't installed at this time in the neighborhood, so I am limited to my internet access. :) Hopefully just a couple more weeks (I'm praying not months).

Closing went relatively well. We had to wait for a little while while the waited for the papers to come through. I'm not sure why there was a delay of about 30-45 minutes, but all was well and we closed! We had to pay 75 dollars extra at closing due to a change on the HUD. It is what it is though to get keys to your home! :)

We've completed a couple things around the house. We've (and when I say we've, I mean my husband) installed a garage door opener, blinds, the ceiling fan in our sons room, arranged the furniture in the dining room & family room, all the while the bonus room, our bedroom, the baby's room, the living room, the dinette, and the guest bedroom are a work in progress! :) I just got my washer and dryer out of storage last weekend and I'VE NEVER BEEN HAPPIER! We were really grateful it still works great after being stored for over two years. I'm one of those people who actually likes to do laundry for some reason. ;)

One of the biggest frustrations is that our red couch and chair that we expected to go in the bonus room does not fit up the stairs and around the corner. So I'm still slightly conflicted on what I want to go where. We have a tan couch with two love seats from our previous home and I was going to put the one couch and love seat in the family room, with the other love seat in the living room/office. The red couch and chair were going in the bonus room. Well, with the change of plans the red couch is currently in my living room/office, the red chair and tan love seat in the bonus room. Not the look I'm going for. :( However, putting the red couch and chair in the family room is definitely not the look I was going for either. So I'm stuck. I think ultimately, the tan couch and the two love seats that match will go in the bonus room with the red couch and chair remaining in the family room until we can afford different couches, that is.

A small view of our family room from the couch. We are not putting the TV over the fireplace because you would have to look WAY up high and we don't want to destroy the stone either. But it fits perfectly where it is. :) 

As far as the flooring goes, I was a little OCD initially about the tiny surface scratches that were appearing. I don't happen to notice them anymore but I am still very cautious. There's a lot of money put into those floors and I don't have the heart to see them get messed up. But nonetheless, they are still very lovely but very easily dirtied. We have bought a mini Bissell 3-in-1 vacuum which works beautifully and quickly. If I had it to do all over again, I may not have chosen to have hardwoods all throughout my first floor.. but I haven't fully committed to that decision.

We love the color of our carpet upstairs and the way the upgraded padding made a difference in the way it feels. We chose Rockport colored base carpet and it's the perfect dark color. I couldn't imagine going lighter. :)

We bought a king bed and were a little apprehensive about how it may fit in the master bedroom, but my goodness, we still have plenty of room! And it looks and feels perfect. :)

We have yet to put the pulls on our cabinets but that will happen soon because those guys are a pain to open! They are pretty easy to clean, however. So next up on the project list is the pulls and probably the pendant lights. :) Time will tell!

I'll make a future post at some point to list the pro's and con's of the home and what I'd do differently if there were a next time. But overall, we LOVE the home. It's the perfect touch of what we love and is coming together perfectly. Can't wait to see what the future holds for our home and your alls as well! You have some beautiful homes coming together. :)


  1. I'm glad to see you've started to settle in. I can only imagine the chaos of trying to put together an entire home all at once. I hope you'll share any tips that may make it easier. In the meantime, you've reminded me to contact our cable company and make sure we'll be ready to go on our move in day. I hope you get your internet soon.

  2. So glad to see things are going well and all the happiness. Btw, Im a big fan of the rubbermaid reveal or Bona spray mops for cleaning hardwood floors. I use the Bona cleaning solution inside either mop because its safe for pets and small children. The mops do an amazing job picking up those small particles they appear on dark floors.

  3. Congrats on moving in. I can't wait to be in your shoes, lol, o how I long to be living in more than one room, lol. That sucks the couch didn't fit, but it may grow on you in the other room, :). I know your feeling about the wood showing the dirt easily, but its easier to clean. I prefer carpet just for the feel on your bare feet. I hope you get internet soon, can imagine not having it, lol questions do no noobs come on the cabinets? I just assumed they were included.

    1. Hardware is usually not included. We added it on our contract but I think most people add them after closing for the cost savings.

  4. Congratulations on moving in!! Hopefully you get internet soon in your house! I can't imagine living without it.

  5. Great selections ! We just selected ours today ! I was so scared of how will everything look like once it's in the rooms and then I found YOUR BLOG ! You made the almost exact 99% selections as we did with Ryan homes and after I saw how your kitchen looks like ... OMG I can't wait to move in ! I am very excited to see your bathroom photos because we picked two out of the three you guys picked. Exactly the same combinations !! Great Taste !!!

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