Saturday, June 28, 2014

Our Hemingway Layout - Ryan Homes Build

I realized I have yet to post the layout of the Hemingway. Overall, I love it. I look forward to seeing the walls go up and for it to take shape. I am so excited about the bonus room and just slightly apprehensive about the kitchen possibly being too "cut off" where the oven, fridge and entrance to the dining room are located. This is probably because the Hemingway model we looked at was not the exact layout we are building and it's so unknown. I truly loved the Steinbeck kitchen, but the home was not for us in any other sense and did not come with the rear-attached garage. As always, I know we are not going to have much of a backyard, but I am so excited for a different type of home!

Ernest Hemingway model in Charlottesville
This will mostly resemble our home. The builder is not allowing the neighborhood to build this model with the bay window nor will we have the white picket fences (that I LOVE!) or shutters. But this is the Elevation B that we selected because my husband liked the half porch, plus it then "bumps out" the front of the house where the porch is located making the living room and bedroom above larger.

We added in the windows that we could except the three in the garage and the two on either side of the fireplace because those are not available with the fireplace is on the side.

It tends to be somewhat difficult with the fact that we are so far from initiating the build and even further from closing, that the little "what if's" keep popping up. But we are doing the best we can with what we've got and are still enjoying this process.

The basement is not going to be finished at this time because we have future plans to customize this area more than what can be offered by Ryan. It will extend out as far as the dinette goes.

The first two floors offer exactly what we want and need at this point in time, so I could not be more optimistic and excited!


  1. I've always thought it as odd on some of the things that end up being excluded. Ok, I could see if they have restrictions on fences, but what the heck is the big deal about shutters or a bay window? Weird. Either way it really is a beautiful looking house, I like how traditional it appears.

    1. Isn't that so weird? I definitely understand the fence thing, but I am just going to say it for the 50th time.. I love it! ;) But cannot imagine doing it without my neighbors doing it as well. We will be the first ones you see (our row of homes) when you drive in the community so just one fence would be completely awkward. But I cannot truly comment on the part about the shutters.. I think our SR said it is because it reflects on the type of farm and colonial homes that were present years before and they are attempting to take it back to basically the "simple life".

    2. Wouldn't it be nice if their prices when back in time too to the "simple life". Ha

    3. AMEN!!!! I definitely agree. I could cry at the inflation of prices. :(


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